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Your bit of Tuesday Random

1. I had a bizarre dream that included (among many things) knot tying, labyrinth passing, horse purchasing (wth?) and a swmbo in fright wigs. Keep in mind that Swmbo and I have never met face to face. She'd be so much prettier without that black yarn on her head, according to my subconscious. ??? I did mention that I bought a HORSE in this dream, right? Wow.

2. The Staple Center (Smidgen) got her staples removed this morning. She was quite distraught over the whole car ride and proceeded to seek head rubs from all the creatures in my house. Sally Derg HOPPED UP AND DOWN ON HER FRONT LEGS trying to get more. Cutest thing I have ever seen my animals do, and I literally laughed out loud. It was treats for everyone after that display of awesome.

3. I am going to price rocks today, because ain't no party like a Stoney party because a Stoney party don't START. <-- I've officially abused that joke.

4. I did NOT get my deck poured yesterday due to my noticing that the series of stepping pads that connect the hot tub to the deck didn't look uniform. I ran out with my tape measure and found each of them to be random widths, arbitrarily selected by who knows what method. I hate to be That Person, but come on, I'm paying for something to be done a certain way. [Like, one was 29", another 36", etc.] So the framing crew had to come back and reframe the steps with my explicit instructions translated in Espanol. I did provide them with a cooler of ice water because it was 107 up here yesterday. They were very nice men, and I thanked them profusely.

5. I've got some death on the line in the garden. These 20+ days of triple digits are taking their toll - and I have no irrigation happening while the pool is being built. Dear deep purple coral bells, you were loved. Ditto to you, stately Oak Leaf Hydrangea. I WILL AVENGE YOU!

6. Yesterday's Pho lunch has me wanting more, so we're having some for dinner. I just need to get some fresh limes (they were all used up in margaritas) and cilantro and tofu. OM NOM NOM SOUP I LOVE YOU. Even though it's literally a million degrees. Literally. Hot spicy foods cool you off, though, true fact.

7. dovil and I are further along in our plans for our Great American Road Trip this coming spring. I might bury her in the desert, i might not, it depends on how much booze she brings me from New Zealand. Road trip! <3

8. I will write something useful today. This does not count. Hop to it, me!
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