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We interrupt your malaise with the following announcement:

Pecans, dipped in toffee, dipped in chocolate. A little shop in my town sells these. I bought a big ol' bag of them and I just hid the bag from myself because it is CRACK COCAINE. I am going to try and duplicate this awesomeness on my own, because it gets pricey supporting my little drug habit. (They're dusted with powdered sugar, just enough to keep them from sticking to each other.)

Holy crow, my new favorite thing.

No deck STILL, but I'm not complaining (well, I am in my house, but not to y'all) because it is a whopping SEVENTY EIGHT DEGREES because of a lovely "cold front" that blew in, bringing some more lovely rain. But this time it didn't spike to 104 right after, making the rain almost obsolete. It's GLORIOUS outside. I spread 200 pounds of compost in the garden, hoping to retain some of this moisture. The hydrangeas are bouncing back, for those keeping track. ;)

I can hear that wonderful close clap of crow cackling in the cold air. (heh.) You know how you can tell the seasons are turning because of that sound? How the cold makes the sound so sharp and close? I know it won't last, tomorrow it'll be back in the 90s, but for today I have dreams of rainy cold autumn nights, a roiling hot tub, then a fuzzy blanket, book, glass of wine, and some kitties. Bliss.

Okay, off to buy tomatoes to can (blasphemy!) because of the stupid tomato hornworm damage to my plants.
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