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I have a locked down FB for a very important security reason. I don't use Twitter much. I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING HERE REPOSTED ON EITHER SITE. They are separate for a reason. Again: I hate this new feature of LJ and that you can't opt out (even though they say you can in the FAQ) and I also don't use Firefox, so the Greasemonkey add-on won't work for me.

DO NOT REPOST ANYTHING I HAVE HERE OR ANYONE ELSE'S COMMENTS HERE TO YOUR FACEBOOK OR TWITTER. I will ban you from commenting, that's how serious this is to me.

In other ugh news, we won't be getting plaster for the pool in time for a Labor Day party, so I'm bummed. There are backups with the crew, apparently. And while I'm glad that it won't be done unless it can be done right, I'm still sad face at my plans not coming together the way I want. This is pushing back landscaping, etc. etc. Oh, well, what can you do?

You can can up more tomatoes and make cookie dough, that's what you can do. Plus, that helps you avoid the pounds of laundry needing to be done.

Oh! Two things I forgot to mention earlier this week. I got a call from my agency to go to a commercial shoot on Friday. it's one of the types of gigs I love - they look on my agent's site, saw me, and said "Hire her." YAY. No information was given beyond me being a waitress for a scene. Ok! EXCEPT. It turns out that it was for a political campaign, but I didn't know that until I was already in costume and waiting to be filmed. BOO. I don't like doing political ads because it's usually for a party I don't support (i.e. the Republican Party) But I'm not going to be a jerk and make my agent and myself look bad by walking out, so I grinned and suffered through hours and hours of hearing about the jerk wad "liebrals." UGH.

Also, I was working alongside three very old gentlemen (they weren't with my agency) and one was a dirty old man that kept hitting on me and I kept showing him my wedding ring and saying NO THANKS. Another was a complete bore and wanted to one-up everyone's stories as we passed the time. And the last one told me I was going to get fat when he saw me eating a cookie from the craft services table. 1.) It was the first thing I'd eaten all day, 2.) it was ONE EFFING COOKIE and 3) Eff you, dude. Eff you in the b-hole.

I said as he walked past me (he literally said it as he passed me, and said it in a "tsk, tsk" voice, I said, "Well, you're going to get dead, so..." He had a hearing aid and didn't actually hear me, lol. WHAT THE HELL, OLD MAN.

One positive thing was the place we filmed at - beautiful ranch location - had a resident barn cat, a big ol' grey-striped Tom. So affectionate and kept hopping up in my lap as I sat in a chair (they changed me from waitress to cafe patron.) Fortunately my back was to the camera, so they didn't catch it. :) Also: I brought my Kindle because commercials are all about hurry up and wait, and because my back was to the camera and my job was to turn pages in a magazine (a tool catalog, omg) I just slipped my Kindle in there and read books all day. The producer said that was the smartest thing she'd seen, and she'd remember that for future projects. Hah.

I do think I need to take a break from auditions for a month or so. I just don't have it in me right now to constantly get rejected for jobs because of my looks/ability/whatever and my inability to properly network because I'm a full-time mom. It's a pretty brutal profession. I mean, I get told by old men in diapers that I'm going to get fat from a 2 inch chips ahoy. :/
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