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Some changes and a request

Well, huh. This whole reposting capabilities to FB and Twitter is getting a rethink by me. The day I posted my "zomg I will cut you with my knife!" thing, I had a request on another post to be allowed to link to it. And my response was, "I never mind if people link to public posts because...they're...public. Oh. Huh."

So the new mindset within my brain meat is this: if I have a public post, then I have to accept that I've put it out there. HOWEVER. I would appreciate it if you would not repost people's comments without their permission, because that's just the polite thing to do. And if it's a locked post and you repost to FB or Twitter, where snippets get printed out in the public sphere, that's when you'll raise my ire. I will continue to respect other's wishes to not have their things reposted, no worries there.

I'm a big girl that can admit I'm stupid on occasion. :)

Holy torrential downpour, in other news. Apocalyptic levels of rain have been falling since yesterday. At this rate I'll have a pool, but it'll be gross like the pool in Poltergeist. BOO, UNIVERSE. Yesterday we had three, count 'em THREE tornadoes sighted in a triangle around my house. The kids' schools were on lock down and my daughter (#2) texted me frantically, saying she loved me, woe, it was the end. LOL, honey, we're good and you're in a tornado shelter (movie theaters and schools here are emergency tornado shelters - it'll take more than 200mph winds to knock those beasts down.)

We are, as I'm sure you've guessed, completely fine. She's just 13 and never misses an opportunity to burst into dramatic tears.

My bank teller spoiled me for the Big Ending of the latest season of Criminal Minds. I guess the whole "we're just getting into the show and haven't seen all of the episodes" means LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING DRAMATIC THAT WILL HAPPEN AND RUIN YOUR ENJOYMENT. Who knew? =P

I have a kitten scarf right now. Two kittens wrapped around my throat. Before you say "aww!" let's remember that they are heirs to the Darthanne throne, and are probably checking me for weak spots. I will be helpless before them, because they are seriously cute little things. Smidgen wakes me up at one point every night just to put her lips on my eyes. (She's tasting my sweet, sweet eye juices, I know, but AWWWW.)

LASTLY: if anyone has a copy of Nina MC's "Doppel X Chromosom" I would love for you to share it with me. That came out when I was pregnant with Emily and it was all over Germany - where I was traveling at the time. I love that catchy little tune, but can't find it anywhere. (Or any of her stuff - I can't find her here in the states.)

[ETA] Last night the penultimate Louie CK episode had me laughing so hard I was crying. If you've not watched his show (16 eps) you have missed the most wonderful comedian cum tv star show there's ever been.
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