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Yeah, it hurts, Clem, but it's a good hurt.

I can't find that Far Side comic anywhere, but it's an old cowboy with an arrow through his shoulder saying this to another cowboy. Yesterday I shoveled 5 cubic yards of soil and mulch into the back and side yards. (For perspective: our trailer is 10 foot long by 6 feet wide, and 2 cubic yards of soil/mulch is 4 feet high in that trailer. I also dug out a new rock wall on the outside of the fence, planted 25 3 gallon plants, and then sat in my glorious hot tub for an hour last night. Ahhhhhh.

I've done nothing else productive, no writing, no organizing on a project with a few of my peeps, no auditioning, and no laundry. Eh, the kids can do the laundry.

I'll be incommunicado on LJ for a few more days, I think, as I wrap up this massive project. (I'm still available by email for those of you I regularly communicate with.) Ugh, note to self: schedule a massage this weekend. Oy.
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