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Hello, almost weekend. You're looking mighty fine.

I'm taking a break from landscaping today to mention a funny and ask an opinion of you.

1, Emily wore her bathing suit under her school clothes yesterday so when she got home she could get straight into the pool. o_0. I mentioned that we need to wear proper underwear to school from now on. Also, LOL.

2. What do we think about this comment? I mean, going off my ideas is one thing, lifting the whole concept is pretty much a no no, right? Also, kinda like stealing? Esp. since I'm seriously considering adding a chapter to my book about Twilight being modern Mormon proselytizing (albeit unwitting proselytizing?)

3. Mexican food lunch with a friend = happy belly.

4. I love the kittens, but they REALLY need to stop waking me up for lovings at 5am (Kneading, face kissing, whiskers in the ear as they purr LOUDLY to wake me up so I will acknowledge the love they are presenting me with.) I want to sleep at 5am.

5. Girls who I am working on a writing project with. Um, I'm ready to start promoting. Email me if you're NOT ok with that.
Tags: oh my heck!, sparkle!, wtf no seriously wtf?
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