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Happy Friday! Also, go read and comment to this awesome new site that is just getting started!

LOL. Hey, why don't you read this article about Ozzy I wrote, like, four months ago? And while you're at it, go read all of the other articles at that are currently public? There will be loads more to come with amazing writers, and talented graphic designers will make it look outstanding, but for now, I'll just send you to the goofy stuff I've put up because, well, I've been paying for a site that's not being read/utilized and it makes me sad in my pants. Also I need validation because I'm a middle child and wasn't loved as a child. LOL. Don't hate, participate! <-- let's make keychain fobs that say that! And then get on Oprah. (How many of you type Orpah when you mean to spell it the right way, Oprah? Just me? It's not just me, is it?)

Hey, wanna talk about Community (oh my god, Joel McHale in underwear *kisses fingers*) or 30 Rock, the most clever sitcom there is? Go here and talk to me about it. :)

There is COLD RAIN in the forecast here. Waah. I would have liked a little more summer, which I know is shocking to you all. I think I'm going to try and swim some laps before the weather turns funky. I need to burn off the shrimp and mushroom Alfredo I made last night. OM NOM NOM I LOVE YOU, FOOD. Like, I think I could eat a lunch of caramelized onions or mushrooms cooked down in butter with garlic. HOLY CRAP, GET IN MAH BELLEH, FOODS. Possibly I should at least have breakfast, huh?
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