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Of course I watched it, you guys. It's like you don't even KNOW me if you have to ask

And it should be obvious that I'm talking about TLC's Sister Wives, the REALITY SHOW about POLYGAMISTS. I mean, come on <00 say like Jimmy from South Park. Brief commentary about them, under a cut in case stating the obvious is "spoilery." :D

  • obligatory "we're not Mormons!" statement in first 5 minutes

  • obligatory "I was Mormon, and never even KNEW about polygamy!" statement in first 10 minutes

  • times my eyes rolled for obligatory statements: 2

  • are they in Draper? Or West Jordan? Anyone? Because WJ is full of plygs, has been for decades

  • OMG, those women are so damn Utah Mormon, it's not even funny. The "funny one" (aka the one that actually raises the kids) is almost exactly my cousin Erin. I lol'd a lot, because she is hilarious, too

  • I was impressed that the meal they showed the kids eating was not a casserole

  • I lol'd at all of the MAVs (Mormon Assault Vehicles, what SUV's were called before America discovered them) and then the surfer-hair dad with his Lexus sports car.

  • Every time they prayed, etc., that's pure Mormon. See my eye rolling at "we're not blah blah"

  • they had Book of Mormon scripture on their walls - I looked for pictures of the prophets, didn't see them, but did see the Jesus Calendar by Del Parsons that you get at the LDS bookstore. Also they had "Families are Forever" cross stitched, lol.

  • I know it's all happy and light right now, but if they get to the religious aspect of it, it's gonna get weird

For the record, I'm totally cool with polyamory. It's religious structures that dictate to women from birth that they have no choice but to breed for their men that I have massive issues with.

Because flaming_muse is so awesome and had some great ideas for me, I'm all jazzed up for writing today. I need to get off the kitchen table chairs because they hurt my butt for long bouts of writing, one, and two, the cats like to do that thing cats do where they sneak up behind you and gradually push you off the chair, claiming it in the name of Feline. Also, I need to rethink my subtitle, because "An Insider's blah blah" and "How I blah blah'd and finally blah'd" is played out.

It was 51 degrees this morning. Tonight is venison stew and a bottle of red. YAY.

OH. AND I FORGOT TO MENTION. Last Thursday marked the 1,000,000th hit on the first portion of the Sparkledammerung. (The others are languishing around 500,000 ish, with the 4th at @750,000 hits.) DUDE. I'm internet popular. Just in time for my high school reunion!! Lol.
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