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Brief rundown of this week's Sister Wives, a book rec, & a poll for the religious (or formerly so)

I find myself more often than not to be trying to figure out where in Lehi they are. (Back story: the show is filmed in the little town my dad grew up, and where I lived during college.) If I could just get a shot of the roller mills, I'll know exactly where they are. I'm telling you, a few of the shots when they were outside looked like they were on the block behind my grandma's house. I freaked out a little. (Oh, and those roller mills you all should know - they were prominently featured in the little movie called Footloose.) Also, anyone familiar with St. George (essene?) think that Robyn's house is right off Bluff Street on the way to Bloomington? Looks like 15 behind her (looks like town to me. Lol.) Also, she came out of the old folks care center right by the college dorm I lived at, across the street from Harmons. WORLDS ARE COLLIDING, Y'ALL.

I don't like how manufactured everything feels. Everyone seems too coached to me. The tears they briefly showed seemed real, but still. I don't know how I'm going to do with continual watching/recapping. We'll see. I do like seeing all of the old haunts I had back in the day. Even on the road trip I was shouting "Watch out for the speed trap on the hill outside of Nephi!" etc. That's where we'd stop and get potato fries, too. I made that drive EVERY WEEKEND during school - 5 hours up and 5 hours back. Oy. Anyway, Sister Wives it both frustrating and comforting, and that's even more frustrating (the comfort aspect. I did have good times there.)

I have three chapters to go, but I'll wrap up the Hunger Games trilogy later today. I started... Sunday afternoon? Quick reads, but great reads. Really good YA series. I mean come on, a girl survives, keeps her family fed by her own wits and skills, and then gets put in a gladiator/only one may leave battle scenario. In a dystopian future world. HELLO KINK, I'VE MISSED YOU. There's a romance element that I enjoyed, as well, and I've been pretty meh on book romance that doesn't involve made up stories in my head about a certain 1000 Viking vampire.

Last thing, and it'll go under the cut - a poll for those of you that were/are religious. By religious I mean you and your family actively participated in a regular weekly church structure. If you did not routinely participate in your religion, this is not a poll for you. I'll make a separate one for you so you don't feel left out. Ha.

[ETA]I failed to realize that this was skewed Christian (Easter, Christmas, Sunday, etc.) because when I go back to my own memories of religion, I go back to my own memories of religion. :) Please add your own mental insert of your typical day of worship (Saturday, etc.) and your religion's standard/most popularly attended Holiday Celebrations (Ramadan, Passover, etc.)

No offense was meant, this was something I wrote into the poll window, curious if I was the only broken little bird from my dad's neglect. <-- shameless emotional needs by me. Lol.

Poll #1627976 Religious life and its affect on your family
This poll is closed.

My family and I attended church every Sunday.

Yes. (continue on)
Not every Sunday, but most. (continue on)
On Easter and Christmas. (please take the next poll)
Once every few years (please take the next poll)
Never, we were not religious. (please take the next poll.)

My parents held jobs within the church

Yes - both
Yes - my father
Yes - my mother
Neither did

If you answered yes, how many hours on Sunday would they be occupied with their position?

Just the amount of time during church services
An hour + the amount of time during services
Close to half of the day including services
Most of the day - I hardly saw this parent on Sunday
Not just on Sunday, but Saturday as well for preparation
Many hours during the week would be devoted to their church position
This was my parent's full time job, so a minimum of 40 hours a week

The amount of time my parent spent on the congregation and church:

didn't bother me, I was proud of their dedication
bothered me a little, but ultimately I was proud of their dedication
bothered me - I would have preferred to have most of that time to be spent with the family/myself
upset me to a significant degree
caused me to resent my faith/that church

Poll #1627977 I want a poll too! Poll

I didn't get to take the poll above.

I'm taking both because you are not the boss of me, Stoney.

The answer is always:

Ice cream!


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