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Quick recipe (as in to make) and a wine rec

Oh, how I love cold weather, for it makes Cabernet and Bordeaux so delicious to my mouth. I figured that I wasn't setting a good example to my kids by drinking a bottle of wine and moaning as I clutched it to my bosom, so I made some food to go with a bottle I sampled this weekend.

The Wine: Marietta, Alexander Valley 2006 Cab Sav. Delicious, easy drinking, and will just get better with age. Until I have a wine cellar, I'll just have to drink it now. Upfront with berry and pepper, doesn't linger too much. (Hence the easy drinking. *hiccup*)

The Dinner: I cubed the following veggies that I had on hand: 2 onions, 2 carrots, 3 parsnips, 4 celery stalks, 1 butternut squash, 1 red bell pepper, 1 potato, 4 large portobello mushroom caps. I minced about 4 cloves of garlic. I tossed all of that in olive oil, generous pinches of salt and pepper + a few sprigs of thyme ziiiiiped! off their stems and sprinkled hither and such, then spread it on two baking sheets and roasted it at 375 for a good hour. I didn't stir, I didn't shift it, just let it get all crackly and caramelized.

Next, in a non-stick skillet I browned a pound of the last of our wild boar sausage (any pork sausage would do, we're just only eating meat from hunting), drained off any fat, tossed the roasted veggies in to mingle the flavors, then served that up on a plate with shredded Asiago cheese sprinkled over the top and croutons on the side.

There were hardly any leftovers, but guess what I just polished off? My son said that I needed to make this every week. (He also thought the butternut squash was pumpkin, and I didn't challenge his thinking because he hates squash. Hahaha, jokes on you, bub!)

Tonight I'm going to try to make my own cream of mushroom soup with those portobellos and see if I can't make a jazzier version of tuna casserole. (Hey it's better than the other request I got, which is Frito Pie. Although I won't lie. Every year I like to have a Frito Pie. So bad, but so good.)

We're also baking our sandwich bread later when the kids get home and making cookies, so we'll see how well I stick to my resolve to not use the stuff from a can. (Mostly because I don't have the canned stuff.)
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