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EH MEH GHED SET YOUR DVR! And skurry pics

GUYS. GUYS. Oprah is going to have the polygamist family from Sister Wives on her Thursday show. MUST SEE TV, I believe. You have been warned ahead of time to get those Tivos/DVRs set up.

Also, tabaqui mentioned that she couldn't find the pics online of what my Halloween costume will be based on, so I have thoughtfully uploaded them and put them under a cut. WARNING: they have some big creep factor, but only one is what could truly be called "grody." <-- scientific terminology, only can be used by Scientists. Or Scienceticians, of which I am one.

If you google "Masters of Horror: Imrpint" [for it was a Showtime TV series] you will get torture pics, not my costume-inspiration. So there's your warning there, too. This particular episode was banned in the US because it's just. that. skeevy. It's mostly the torture scene and all of the other scenes, too. Just those reasons. Lol.



OMG the Woman is plotting. Most likely NOT how to have a surprise tea party.

TEE HEE, WHAT DO YOU SAY, KANJU-SAN? I am sweet delicate flower, no? [NO. You are not.] And check out the awesome head piece. I need to find a good quality Geisha wig, too.

Some full shots of the kimono - I am going to have a hell of a time reproducing that fabric I think. I'll try to get as close as possible.

One more...

No, I need to see the back, too:

I. DON'T. LIKE. YOU. You're about to meet "Little Sister," bub.

LOL. Meet Little Sister. OH HEY THIS IS UNDER HER HAIR GROWING OUT OF HER HEAD. <-- totally awesome.

SEE?! It's kinda hilarious and kinda creepy as hell. My favorite combination.

Michaels and Joanns today, hopefully I can find all of the things I'll need for the costume. Kimonos are pretty straight-forward by design, so it's just a matter of finding good fabric. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

[ETA} She found the vid of the whole movie if you want to watch!
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