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And now for something completely different.

Meet Hi Dolla. Hi Dolla looks like the love child of Kendra Wilkinson and Anna Nicole Smith. It follows that I therefore am strangely attracted to her persona. I don't know if I should laugh at or marvel with this chick. I mean, let's face it, this chick has FLOW. No, she does. [It's disheartening to see the negative comments because she's a) overweight and b) white and c) has blinged toofs. Eh, it's the look, yo, and big girls are hot.]

I do wish she would take those stupid red and blue extensions out of her hair. (And now I keep singing "Lady Ess Oh Veeeeeeeeee!" for some inexplicable reason.) One thing is for certain, I ain't never seen a girl like that before. Lol.

Okay. *hand clap* I have fabric for the kimono, I have sushi for my lunch, and I have a soundtrack in the background. Time to knock out some bidness. (And I'm taking pictures of the costume process like last time, for those interested. Wheee!) (And Oprah doesn't air until 4pm here, so I won't know about the Sister Wives interview until later. NO SPOILERS OMG! )
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