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Turns out? I was the Rhoda.

High school reunion talk! Before I got there I started having that feeling of standing with my lunch tray wondering where I would be allowed to sit.

First I REALLY REALLY want to stress that a) I was not popular by any definition of the term. Like, how your Grandmother who is supposed to love you and tells you that you're an unblossomed flower and all of that? Not even by her definition. B) I had a SUPER POPULAR older sister the grade ahead, and people knew who I was by that, mostly. C) My nickname by my sister's friends (and my mother) was "Adopted" because of my lack of awesome. No, really. C) I was in orchestra for a while. I was in all advanced academic classes. I was in theater. I was a VIRGIN MORMON. IN TEXAS.

Have I painted the picture of No, really, I was made fun of a lot and did a lot of "library at lunch time?" I had a small group of people I hung out with in school, but most of my after school activities were with my church friends, barring like, three people.

AND I HAD A BLAST. Turns out? Not as dorky/hated/reviled as I had imagined. It also could be that my husband is awesome so people lied to him, but I am sticking with the original thought.

1. I looked pretty cute. Nope, I didn't take a single picture. Sorry. I did have some fabulous 5 inch silver pumps, though and wore an older dress as the one I bought for the occasion was WAY too prissy. I usually like prissy but this one.. Okay, it didn't go with my hair. I never said I was right in the head, people.

2. Holy CRAP have I aged well. I mean, I'm no Angelina, but wow. Moisturizer, no smoking, and not passing out from booze every night could do you wonders, ladies. True story, and totally cliche, but the "popular girls" were some of the roughest looking. That's because they partied hard, so who's making fun of the Mormon now? Lol. Save your excessive drinking for your 30s is what I'm saying. Ha. I'm saving a whole point for the boys. A lot of the girls that were just "cute" (nothing wrong with that) in school are now freaking beautiful. I made a point of telling each of them that, too.

3. I didn't flit about the room a lot because I was having a hard time remembering everyone's names (but mostly I didn't want to be a weirdo that walked up to someone just because I knew them from school when we weren't friends in school. I HAVE ISSUES.) So neat to see people and have that "flip" of their current face to their high school face and names came rushing back, and classes we shared came rushing back. CRAZY.

4. OH MY GOD THE BOYS. You know that douchey popular guy that was just a dick? HE'S EVEN GROSSER IN 20 YEARS. Karma is a thing of beauty. A "ha, ha!" story and a "wow, am I glad you turned it around story."

The evil laugh/point story One guy who I'll call Blonde Mullet was on the football team, popular, ladies man. Except for how his steady girlfriend was my lab partner and I didn't like him hitting on chicks. And got in his face to tell him so. He haaaaaaated me as a result. Whatever, he was grody and she deserved better. All of those tall, hot blondes he cheated on her with have left for good for he is now an older Grimace married to a goblin with Meth mouth. WOW. They were grinding on the dance floor, too. BLECH. I felt some gratification, as small and petty as that may be. *shrug*

The Wow you turned it around! story Another guy, I'll call Richard Marx-Hair, was The Guy in junior and high school. Super handsome, super rich, and super popular, and a super jerk. I was new at the junior high (moved after my parents divorced) and thought he was totally dreamy, as all the girls did. Problem was, he was really mean. There was a girl in our Spanish class who sat behind me, and she was in front of him. He was relentless with making fun of her to the point where she started crying in class one day. She and I weren't particularly friends, but we knew each other. I told him to shut up and quit being such a jerk or someone might start making fun of his Brillo pad of a hair do (or something like that.) I don't think any girl had EVER gotten in his face before, but holy crap, you don't make people CRY. (I had been that girl too many times to let it happen to someone else, you know?) Anyway, he hated me from that point on, and hated me hanging around him in any capacity. After high school he evidently had a massive drinking/drugs problem, spent some time in rehab, and now is an interventionist. Was so very friendly and happy-faced and came up to ME to say hello (only 2 people did, now that I think of it, hmm) and was such a genuinely sweet person, I could barely believe it.


5. I reconnected with my oldest friend, the other Mormon girl (who wasn't.) Turns out that our friendship continually soured because of our other friend, who we both lost contact with. That was really the best part, remembering those quiet friendships where I didn't necessarily hang out with people (because of my religion and nerves) and finding out that as adults, we actually can have a fun relationship. WHO KNEW? Lol.

Some of my favorite memories of high school:

1) going to State for Theater
2) all theater experiences, really
3) having my boyfriend walk me to my class and give me a kiss (aww. I had to wait for Senior Year to have one, but that was nice.)
4) remembering a girl who LIT HERSELF ON FIRE* after a final (um, she wasn't there. I did want to see if she was so I could ask her if she ever got help. Wow) I didn't say that all of the memories were fluffy.
5) Graduation night where our Valedictorian (the first person in the US to get a perfect score on the SAT, the ACT, and all of his AP tests. Um, he graduated high school as a junior in college.) was dressed in war paint, skulked about the forest by another classmate's house and attacked people with a Nerf gun. AWESOME.
6) certain people who laughed with me and made me feel less broken, and I got to see some of them on Saturday, bringing back some good memories from a really dark period in my life

[ETA] Our "famous" classmate didn't come, but he came to the 10 year. Justin Leonard. Chris Harrison (yes, of the Roses fame) was in the grade before, my sister's class. He came last year, which I think is great.

[ETA 2, the Fire Story] During finals she had evidently broken open a lighter, poured the lighter fluid all over herself, and used a second lighter to ignite her torso. She then STOOD CALMLY, walked to the teacher, and asked for a note for the nurse. OH MY GOD. THIS WAS REAL.

In conclusion, I don't want to hear your negative stories of why you won't go, I'm here to tell you that when you all become ADULTS, you have a better perspective on things, and it turns out to be a fun time.

OH I DO HAVE ONE MORE THING. There were two guys that were the "cool, hot" guys at school and they were the skeeviest sad sacks. WOW. A fifth of Chivas should not be your night-night beverage, guys. Oh man, that was pretty glorious. (I'm so petty and shallow, lol.)

ION, I have to take back the dress I didn't wear, get some code written, catch up with all the WinCon folks, and prepare for the GREATEST DAY IN ALL OF OCTOBER, BARRING HALLOWEEN: FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS IS COMING TOMORROW. I'm so glad I pre-ordered!! I'm saying that I'm going to be neck-deep in radiated zombies and desert creatures for the next few days.
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