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Coming out swinging like Tiger Woods' wife

SO BUSY, YOU GUYS. And I'm not even getting all of the things I need to done. STOP BLAMING FALLOUT, IT CAN'T HELP HOW AWESOME IT IS. I got a headache from playing for several hours this weekend, too. Fighting glowing, radioactive ghouls in an underground building while trying to find a hidden armory and not die is HARD WORK.

Oh, and we watched toddlers this weekend, went to an art show, had a birthday party for my mother in law, went Halloween shopping for the teens, and I still haven't sewn my costume. BAH. I'll get it done this week, honest. But first I have to get to that damn hidden armory and upgrade my radiation suit.

Because of all the things I have to do (background work for that blog I'm helping build, write up articles, revise my manuscript, get off book for a short film someone wrote for me [yay!] and tighten and tone the ol' bod) I don't have loads of time today, but I would like to leave you with this image:

I DID THE ELECTRIC SLIDE WITH MY MOTHER IN LAW IN MY KITCHEN ON SUNDAY. You may now prepare your Armageddon plans, because truly the end is nigh. (Oh. And she initiated it. YEAH. IT IS CLEARLY A SIGN OF END TIMES.)

And these are the best rejections ever. The CS Lewis and JR Tolkien ones made me LOL the hardest.
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