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"Look, you ate all the fruit, so we told you you were allergic to it so we could have some."

Raising Hope is so damn funny. (Hint: it comes on right after Glee) Every one on the show is so perfect in their roles, and Cloris Leachman has never been funnier, and that's saying something. Every episode she's in her granny bra jumping around, too. LOL. WATCH THIS SHOW. (And I have to say, that kiss last night made me actually care about two characters getting together. Sorry, I've not cared about that stuff since Diane and Sam ruined everything. Well, not true. I'm still waiting for Morgan and Garcia to get freaky on Criminal Minds. You know they get to 3rd base in the broom closet at the FBI. That's my personal canon.)

Glee is bugging me, you guys. I think Will is completely inappropriate with the kids and needs to remember he's their teacher and not their peer. If that was real life, he'd be a registered sex offender by now. Also, I'm tired of the "let's do a number!" musical routines. There's a reason I don't like musicals in general. When songs just work into what's happening, that's when it works. When it's one of the kids standing up and saying, "I have feelings, Imma sing about it. C flat, Charlie." I get all squirmy and uncomfortable because I would want to throw things at that person if I was in school. [AND I DON'T CARE FOR ROCKY HORROR. There, I said it. It's too "ha ha, we're campy!" If John Waters isn't behind it, I'm not typically down with camp. I'm a fan of Abraham/Zucker style comedy where you make fun of yourself without being self-aware.]

In other news... Oh man, the kimono turned out fabulous, I'm super excited. I had to make my own pattern because all of the patterns you can buy are Americanized and ultimately look like bathrobes. Also, they were unnecessarily complex. Look: the Japanese have been making kimonos/yukata/gofuku for THOUSANDS of years. You know, before sewing machines came around. Also, they're all about simplicity. When I do my post-Halloween post I'll show the process and how I made the pattern for anyone out there wanting to try this. It's really simple, as long as you're meticulous about cutting fabric in straight lines. (Or be brave and rip the fabric like you're a fierce Project Runway contestant.)

Tonight I get to eat off of this menu at my all-time favorite restaurant in all the land, which fortunately is located in my fair city. Also? I get to eat there with swmbo. There will be laughing and food and wine and talks of cats and coffee and I will be sure she has no accidents and makes it out alive. It's a tough job, but I think I'm up for it.

I have to be a good girl today and get all of my chores done if I'm going to wander the wasteland and kill mutated beings on Fallout: New Vegas. True story: yesterday I carried some recyclables to our bin in the garage and walked past the Mr.s beer fridge. There is a work station next to it because he likes to make his own micro-brews. I saw about 6 bottle caps lying on top of the table and immediately got excited because I just found wasteland money. (That's currency in my video game, those who don't know.) LOL. Also, I walked past a manhole cover yesterday and briefly was confused because there should be no access to the Central Sewers in this part of West side. (I live in the west side of my- never mind.) I'M HAVING DIFFICULTY DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN REALITY AND A VIDEO GAME. Eh, at least I have a well-stocked armory. (Side note for F:NV players. I rocked the Vault 34 challenge and loaded up. Get thee hence to that place and be amazed.)

OK, push ups, sit ups, vacuuming, dishes, GO!
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