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Food, glorious food! So yummy and scrumptious!

swmbo and I went to a fabulous restaurant last night while she's in town for work, and had a fantastic evening, if I do say so myself. First of all, nothing is as great as a night of conversation that is always interesting and has no awkward pauses. Bonus! And she did not hurt herself, and she had extra coffee, AND I saw pics of Swmkit, so I considered it a complete evening. Also, she is - as you would expect - totally adorable and fun to be with.

After me saying over and over that the buffalo tenderloin on the menu is the best cut of meat I've ever had anywhere (and guys, I'm from the land of beef) she ordered it AND AGREED.

The owner of the restaurant, Dean Fearing, is pretty much the man that introduced Tex-Mex and Southwest Cuisine to the world almost 30 years ago. The man knows his stuff. Oh, and guess who came over to our table and talked to us at length about food and Swmbo's hometown and all of the restaurants there she should try and then came over a few more times to ask us about our meals and how we enjoyed them? AWESOME. It's like he knew deep down that I needed to have an impressive LJ post. Hahahaha.

Also, we didn't get towed, we had a good bottle of wine, and hopefully we'll get to meet up tonight for drinks after all of her work stuff. YAY.
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