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Is it Monday? It feels like a Monday.

Mostly because our school district was very smart and gave the kids a parent/teacher's conference day (translation: no school) on Monday, so we lazed about as a family jamming Snickers and such into our mouths. Good times. Some brief Halloween talk The costume turned out great, but the make up... Man. I need a prosthetic. I even went to a theater supply shop and sat with a guy and tried to get the makeup just right. We almost got it to look like the movie, but then when I got home, the latex kept bubbling up on me and I looked rotten, not scarred. BOO. I was super pissed about it because someone thought a great comment to leave me when I posted was "yeah, you'll never be able to do that, have fun!" <-- PROTIP: That's an assholish thing to do, and you caused me undo stress. Cut that negative shit out, please. :)

Anyhoo, I realized that I shouldn't give two thoughts to any negative Nancys and that I made a great looking costume, and I should have fun. AND I DID. And man, I don't know what it is about geishas, but the allure is still there. I got hit on all night long by men AND ladies. UH.... I had more clothes on than anyone at the party, so take that Sexy Cat, Sexy Mother Theresa, Slutty George Washington's Wooden Teeth, and Sexy Sex Sex. Oh, and I was super comfortable all night, too. YAY. (Um, and I made a punch that was redonk: equal parts rum, pineapple juice and OJ, half of that measure of coconut rum, and then ice cubes made of coconut milk with crushed pineapple in them. <-- my ice cube trays were skulls and bones, too. OM NOM! It packed a, wait for it, punch.

I apologize for that bad pun.

We had the total OH MY GOD NOOOO! sitcom moment Saturday night when I finished painting a shirt for the Mr. to wear - he went as Tony Horton all busted up and the shirt read P90Y? Lol. - and little Miss Smidgen leapt from her cat tree onto the fresh paint, she and the shirt slid off the table into a mess on the floor. She llooked like she'd been dipped in paint, the shirt was ruined, but the Mr. was smart and bought a 4 pack of Ts. Gah. Miss Emily was Waldo, and all night long she kept standing in groups of people looking shifty. Hahahaha.

I'll post pics later and a how to for the kimono for anyone interested. Anyway, Saturday night was awesome, trick or treating was just fine except for how I over heard people in the neighborhood saying how they still refuse to go to my house because I scarred their kid so badly as the Blink Angel. DUDE, YOU KEPT FORCING HER TO LOOK AT ME. And when I said that look, I'm just a geisha (I didn't do creepy scar makeup for trick or treating) and not scary, they laughed nervously. YEAH I HEARD YOU. Pfft. Just means I don't have to buy as much candy next year I suppose. :P

Sorry, I'm burned out already.


1. Let me be clear upfront: I DO NOT LIKE SPOILERS. I WILL NOT READ THE COMICS. Why? Because of the spoiler thing, and I know they're trying to stay faithful. I don't care if you feel I'm missing out, I have a system that has worked for me for years, so please respect that.


Enough time to scroll or click? OK. How awesome was the crawling half-zombie?? Did you see the femur dragging along, barely attached to the meat of her torso? Freaking awesome F/X. I was incredibly impressed with the makeup. Think about that huge crowd in Atlanta. There were hundreds of people in zombie makeup, and it's not just a slap of paint on the face and off you go. That's impressive from a background building stand point.

Also, I was totally impressed with where they went, because man, did they not pull any punches! Little girl? BLAMMO IN THE THINK BOXER. Horse that is actually a smart idea and it's because the horse CLEARLY SENSED DANGER, and any cowboy worth his salt would know that (true, he's not a cowboy) and yet the horse became cheval for the undead in as gory a manner as possible? WOW.

Things that disturbed me, but that's the nature of the show and these were deliberately done by the director to get you uncomfortable: PUT ON SHOES AND CLOTHES IN CASE OF ZOMBIE ATTACK/HOSPITAL SHENANIGANS. But look, that was done so he looked completely vulnerable. He's a DEPUTY. If he put those clothes on immediately, we would automatically put him in a position of authority and capability. That's not how you create tension and passion for a protagonist.

Having said that, can I just state for the record that if I woke up from a coma (do we know how long he was out, by the way?) and saw that everything was dead around me and - oh, here's something that I do want to call bullshit on, he would have an infection in those IVs and most DEFINITELY from the catheter, which I'm grateful they didn't show, but that's par for the course for an unconscious patient. I would like for a zombie movie to address that shit once and REALLY go realistic. /end mini-rant - that there was no power, I WOULD PUT ON MY SHOES. And also some track pants or scrubs or fashion a toga because being naked in the apocalypse would get uncomfortable fast.

I found his freak out in his house to be incredibly believable, and then after getting smacked in the face with a shovel (lol) the day of waking up for a coma - you're gonna be adlepated for a bit. You're not going to be able to talk properly, think clearly, or take in that while your body healed from a gunshot wound THE WHOLE WORLD WENT WONKY. I mean, I would, because I've been preparing for this since I was 12 years old, but we can't all be survivalist survivors. LOL.

ALSO: my husband and I, as Fallout enthusiasts, kept shouting out - maintain and repair your weapons! Ammo! Hydration! Check those crates for supplies! You know, if he had some surgical tubing he could siphon off gas from any of those cars and not have to go into the middle of a zombie horde... If any of you think you can manage the End of Times and haven't played Fallout, you're missing out on some vital life skills. Ha ha ha. But seriously.

In conclusion, TWO THUMBS WAY UP. Good job, AMC.

I am so far behind on so much in my life it's not even funny. GAH. I need to quit preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse (playing Fallout) and clean my house, write, reply to emails (sorry ladies, I'll get with you later today!) mop my floors, etc. etc. I think you can see why I'm looking forward to fighting off the undead - there is no delicate cycle laundry when you're trying to keep your brains from becoming brunch. I AM PREPARED.

(Oh, and seriously, if there are zombies on your porch, you should be sleeping upstairs with the staircase barricaded, I'm just saying. Extra level of defense.)

OH AND I NEED TO VOTE. (And so do you, right? Unless you did early voting, in which case I salute you!)
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