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Taking a mini-break

What's currently going on in Casa de Stoney:
  • MiL is going into surgery today to have tumors removed from her lungs. This is her 3rd time with cancer, from uterine, to breast, to now lung cancer. My husband and his brother are staying in Houston at MD Anderson with her for the duration of treatment (and as a support to my FiL.) Good lord, how much can one body take?

  • Working on a short film that shoots this weekend, feeling incredibly nervous as it was written for me and I'm the one carrying it. No, no pressure there.

  • Needing to get in tip top shape for another movie (feature) which again, I will carry. Oh, and I'll be in my underwear in it. Gah.

  • Have to get more involved with my son who evidently is now failing one class due to constantly "forgetting" to turn in homework and projects.

  • The house is a wreck, we are the host for Thanksgiving, which is just around the corner.

  • Have written not one word on anything.

  • Have to back out of a project I've been trying to start up with some friends due to lack of interest on (seemingly) everyone's part. I can't be the rah rah girl for grown ups, I'm just too... I'm that already enough in life.

  • That makes me feel incredibly guilty, but I'll get over it, I'm sure.

  • Have heard boo from my own family, tired of trying to track people down and see them/call them/etc.

  • BOO. I'm in a funk, yo. Feeling very overwhelmed. [And feeling very... iffy about what's going on down in Houston. I do not have any clue how my husband is going to deal with this if it takes a turn for the worse. Let's just hope it doesn't, right? Right.]

[I'm just saying that a big ol' apocalypse would be welcome. I would totally work that distraction like nobody's business. Handcuffing hors d'ouvers to rooftops as a means of escape and survival and everything. Yes, that's a Walking Dead reference. Escapism, me? The devil you say!]

As a result, I'm going offline for a few days as I try to get a leg up on the pile. For those I regularly talk with, you know how to reach me if you need to.

Tags: stoney sucks, waaaah
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