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I don't think I can ever eat pizza again, and a Final Words moment (a la Jerry Springer)

I spent all day (and I mean ALL day) at a Pizza Hut eating pizza. Sounds great? Uh... if I ever see a spongy piece of dough slopped with grease, pepperonis, sausages, and cold slimy mushrooms again, I might burst into tears. It was supposed to be a day where we got in at 7am, got wardrobe approved, touched up makeup, and started filming at 8:30, to be turned loose at 3 (after a nice hour long lunch.) I left at 8:25pm. The principal actors were actual Pizza Hut employees from all over the country (very cute kids - I say kids, and they're late teens, but you get my point) who were probably too excited by the whole "flew into a big city to film a commercial and have a two day vacation" to worry about learning their lines.

After a few hours the (very patient) assistant director would say one of their lines in the manner he wanted it delivered and get them to repeat it after him. All while rolling. Which means that I and my lovely co-actors had to continually "eat" pizza until they yelled cut. A lovely (and oh my god, hilarious) fellow actor, Z, and I were singled out for two different Real Employee segments. Which meant that we sat at a table, a loving couple, eating the same damn piece of pizza for - and I am not exaggerating - two hours. That piece was so mushy on the tip from me lipping it over and over again. One of the corporate shirts came out to marvel at how we were working that piece of pizza. "We can bring you a fresh-" "NOOOOO!" we chorused. Ahahaha. See, we'd have to bite the tip off the new piece and go through the same process again and again with each new piece. NO MORE PIZZA, EH MEH GHED.

By hour 10 I got the giggles something fierce. Z and I were up front again (I know how to pick colors corporate types dig, yo) and we were "reading over the menu" while the Real Employee explained some specials. I noticed that there was a kooky misprint in my menu - a real menu, btw. One whole section was printed in Latin. No, really. The same three Latin sentences repeated for Meat Lovers Pizza, Forty Cheese lasagne Butt Blaster, and all the other menu items in that column. I mouthed this to him, and he made the funniest face (his back was to the camera) and I immediately started shaking and crying and laughing and he panicked, but found it hilarious. I got through a solid minute of trying to get it together, did, and they never caught it in the back editing room. I really really hope that scene makes the final cut, it should be hilarious to see a shaking, weeping woman in the background. LOL.

And since it was a union gig, I raked in some sweet overtime. Thank you, S.A.G.! All of the hired actors were from my agency, so they were all very professional and very fun. One guy is on Chase and The Good Guys as a stunt actor. We got to talking about how I always loved the thought of being a stunt actress (it's true, I love to jump out/off of things and take a fake punch) and he mentioned that there's a real need for lady stunt actors here. HMMM. So I'm thinking of getting a personal trainer to kick my butt back into serious shape and looking into that, because DUDE. Jumping off a 30 foot tall building? Getting "hit" by a car? OKAY! (Is my kind of fun not your kind of fun? Probably. Ha.)

Today is massive catching up around the house day and prep for filming on Friday, so I'll be spotty with my online activity. But I want to say these final words about the whole leashing babies series of posts, and I've closed that poll, etc. Sorry, not a one of you convinced me that it's the right thing to do. Fortunately I am not the boss of you, right? But if you toss out the redonk answers of the poll, I am happy that most people seem to think there are better alternatives than a piece of cloth to stand in. And only 4 people committed to calling me a bitch, so that's nice, too. I was sure it would balloon up to 2 gazillion people, so that's a happy outcome. :D

OMG PARENTING. We all think our way is the right way and get really upset when it's challenged, I get it. But really, my way is the right way. It'll be so much easier if you just follow me. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. *chloroforms*

:D (and really, I promise not to be mad if you need to defriend me over being an opinionated jerk off. I yam what I yam.)
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