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Who wants crack? Or attempted serious?

In other words, I need writing prompts, because I am doing that thing where I make up "must do's" around the house (I mean, I just steam cleaned all of the carpets and drapes and am looking for other things to steam clean, reorganize, etc.) instead of working on actual writing projects, and I really really want to work on writing projects, but have completely lost my MoJo, which of course is short for More Johnson, interpret that as you will.

SO! *hand clap*

Craziness you'd like in short form? A continuation on something I did long ago like the beautiful Yoda/Chewbacca love story? {Don't act like Chewbacca didn't know that a 900+ year old Jedi would be a gentle and imaginative lover. YEAH, THAT'S IN YOUR HEAD NOW. You're welcome.}

I won't promise to write all suggestions given to me, because that's crazy talk. But I'll write what I can. I don't know a lot of fandom popular shows (like SPN, SG1, Merlin, um... are people still into Pokemon? I have no clue, and I don't know that bidness either) so save your time and trouble if you're wanting me to write J2 MPreg Space Alien Body Switch C*ckvore. Yeah, now THAT'S in your head now. And if you don't know what that one word was, just save your brain meats and don't google it. You'll thank me later.

Anyone? No? I'm heading out to the food libraries [/Skwisgaar] and will return to hopefully some fun/interesting ideas that I can stress out about. YAY?

OH. Lastly in HOLY SHEEEEP news, my Twilight/Sparkledammerung posts got their 3.5 MILLIONTH hit yesterday. Whoa. (I know a bunch of hits are repeat offenders, but still. That's a lot of clicking. I feel so naked.)

[ETA] Guys? Not gonna do porn, sorry. NUH GUH DUH.
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