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1. I am all by my lonesome. This is not a bad thing.
2. I am done baking - this is a huge WHOA for me.
3. I have the most amazing music playing on my iPod tonight. I'll compile a list and post a naughty link for anyone that wants it later.
4. I have some amazing wine in my mouth. *swallows* I like that I can talk to you and drink. I like that about you.
5. Wine + homemade cheese crackers for dinner = awesomeness.
6. I have Simple Times by my hero Amy Sedaris in my hands, and guys, I cannot stress how much of a girl crush I have on her. Like, she makes me want to wear pantyhose, if only to have it to craft with and stick googly eyes on. I LOVE HER.
7. The kittens seem to believe the Xmas presents are for them to gnaw on. I'm not helping things by making a fort out of the gifts for them, am I? But it's so cute to see them peeking out from their bunker!
8. CINNAMON CRISPS. Like, a crispy gingersnap, but cinnamon. Like CRUSTY AWESOME CINNAMON TOAST. IN A COOKIE. I made them and I love them. I'll post the recipe later.
9. Dude. Dudes. I am so happy and mellow right now, I can't even. Things: done. House: clean. Friends: notified of my love. LIFE IS FINE.

10. Oh, because I forgot. I had two people from completely different worlds than LJ sing TO ME my weird Holiday Carol based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I wrote, like, 6 years ago, AND THEY SANG IT TO ME. And I felt happy. Because Gordok did you know? AHAHA. I know that makes no sense to most of you, but dammit, I can be specific and hilarious at times. Lol.


Gordok, did you know?
That the citizens of our race they are starving?
Gordok, did you know?
That this larval feast has begun, and guess who's carving?
Did you know?
That your baby has a piquant taste of almonds?

LOL. Um, it helps if you know the horrendous song "Mary, Did You Know?" and that "Gordok" is who I imagine the "We loved her first!" demon from Angel S4 is. Yeah. Welcome to the thunderdome, aka, my brain.

MERRY KWANZAHANNUKAHMASSOLSTICE FOLKS! Go outside and watch the lunar eclipse tonight, if you can!

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