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But when Snoop raps about his love of weed, I think about French Post-Impressionism. o_0

Happy about:

1. high waisted jeans coming back into style! No more muffin tops, no more looking at your coin slot when you bend over, no more hiking up an ill-fitting waist band. (Hey, "designers." We get it. You secretly hate women, I've known this for years. But guess what? Women's bodies, for the most part, go out at the hip part, then go in at the waist part. Sometimes as much as 10 inches in some cases. And when you make waist bands on low rise jeans that are a straight line and the same diameter as the hip portion, they buckle in the back and people can see butt cracks, and guess who wants to see that? Not me.) If properly tailored trousers were good enough for Katharine Hepburn, they're good enough for me. YAY FLATTERING FOR MY BODY. Hepburn, Lauren Hutton and Ali McGraw are my style icons, what can I say? I'm a camel Birkin bag away from being a parody of myself. (omg, I want a camel Birkin bag. And I don't "want" purses.)

I'm not hot on an elephant/wide leg, but a straight leg with a waist that hits my waist? Yes, please. (I don't care if you don't like them. I've had to put up with low-rise for years, and the horrendous skinny jeans that two people out of 1000 look good in. Suck it.) Let's just hope that the stirrup pants I've been seeing will quietly slip away, because damn. No me gusta. Not even back in '85.

2. The awesome episode of SouthLAnd last night on TNT. Are you watching? Why the hell not? You need to be, it's amazingly done - actors, writing, cinematography, all are outstanding.

3. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Guys. Remember how I loved the one from Jersey? And that's pretty much the only one I could tolerate? NO. BEVERLY HILLS. It's everything that show should have been all along. Extravagant lifestyles, detached from reality, amazingly bitchy women (Camille Grammer.) Seriously, this show is uh-may-zing. My HUSBAND even watches it with me. What does that tell you? I read the most amazing review (that made me jealous for their writing skills) and recorded the whole series to be watched over the break. WOOOOOOW. If anything, you have to watch the dinner party with Alison DuBois, the craziest narcissist that ever narcississed. (My older sister claims a real life friendship with her. Trust me, the woman is KRAZY. Like, she goes around claiming to be the "reason for the Amber Alert." UM, NO. THAT WOULD BE THE CHILD HERE IN TEXAS NAMED AMBER. You self-centered, wrong wrong WRONG bitch.) Sometimes you just need to feel superior to people with more money than sense, you know?

4. A day of filming, whoo! This is the project I've been working on for a while, the director is fairly well known in some circles, and his "buddy" producing this movie is Robert Evans. Oh please, oh please, oh please let this work out. Or I'd just like to hear him tell me that the kid stays in the picture. :) I'll be working on this for the next few weeks, so that's very exciting. The script has gone through a major overhaul (as they do) and I'm no longer the lead. Boo. Chalk it up to the friendship my buddy and the director have forged over the past two months. I'm glad for my friend, though, he's incredibly talented.

Not happy about:

1. Hipsters getting their American Apparel in my Hip Hop. I've had to drop two music sites from my feed because of these Indie dudes that have all of a sudden discovered Hip Hop (wow.) and think they know what they're talking about and write about it like some douchebags that grew up on Laurie Anderson and Phillip Glass with some Sufjan Stevens and Sigur Ros for party time and try to talk about Mos Def being a "sensitive poet" with beats that "hit the ears like waves crashing on shore." SHUT UP, NERD.

I want to give those guys a purple nurple when I read stuff like that. I mean, yeah, I'm a white girl, but I'm a white girl that grew up on funk, Motown, and the BIRTH of hip hop, and would just really love for the Furious Five to backhand these dillweeds. They were rapping about busting their sacroiliac back before you were a regret in your father's eye, yo. Gah. And saying that Dre "mockingly" talks about his grandiose lifestyle... WHAT. Yes it's hilarious when Warren G talks about bitches at his side and bitches at his back, but he's not being SARCASTIC, fool. Get your irony out of my struggle for the climb up the white man's ladder, Dahveed. (lol.)

"But when Fitty - I believe we should pronounce his name in the manner he's chosen - when Fitty talks about forcing a woman to perform fellatio on him after a concert, it's not unlike Captain Blicero and his forced sex slave Gottfried launching themselves into the unknown, space." Uh, pretty sure Fitty Pence didn't read Gravity's Rainbow. Because NO ONE READ GRAVITY'S RAINBOW. (Clarification, I made this quote up. The others are real, though.)
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