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To the anonymous person claiming we went to high school together who left an anonymous comment with a link to vaginal tattooing (groce) and then proceeded to claim that you didn't know that a) I was FUNNY in school, and you didn't know 2) I was Mormon, uh... SPAM. And I've turned anonymous comments off now. Too many Russian spam bots, as well.

You get that I'm mad they didn't think I was funny, right? HOW DARE YOU, SIR. [ETA] the lovely husband of the lovely beadattitude tracked the IP for me, and they're near St. Louis. Time to check with the Reunion team and find out who's in MO.

To the Twilight site that thinks I'm hilarious, thanks! Now take my posts down from your site, you can LINK TO ME, but you cannot lift entire posts to put on YOUR blog and then say, "But you should really read her site, it's sooooo funny."

Awesomeness of the NO WAY! variety, they are getting ready to start filming the Jersey Shore's 4th season in ITALY.

OH MY GOD IT IS LIKE CHRISTMAS AND BIRTHDAYS MADE OF UNICORN SPRINKLES. Thank you, Universe. Just what I needed after being grumpy earlier. (2 reviews coming tonight and in the am, for the three of you that I love and adore.)
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