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Guys, hey guys? Guys? Seriously. Guys?

Y'all, sometimes I am really really funny. And sometimes I need to say that to myself as I stand in the mirror with unwashed hair and milk in the corner of my mouth and I'm not dressed yet and there's a lot of laundry and I'm eyeing the chocolate and it's not even 10am. It's not even 10am.

I gain a lot from these little Stuart Smalley moments, thank you.

HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT I FELL DOWN ON MY BUTT IN SPECTACULAR FASHION LAST NIGHT IN A BATHING SUIT. I blame my unnecessary running to get inside because it was 42 degrees and I was wet and in a bathing suit. If I had to blame something, that would be it. My butt looks like I sat in purple paint. :( Also, I think I ruined my spine. You can get new ones, though, right? (Note: I have a hot tub, and it is delightful. I wasn't some weird initiate into the Polar Bear Club. My pool is currently 47 degrees and that is ridiculous. Also, my husband JUMPED INTO THE DEEP END ON SATURDAY, surfaced, screamed like a banshee, and floundered out. Dummy. Lol.)

In completely unrelated news, I have finally rebuilt a website that I've been wanting to do for a long time, and think (for a Ver. 1.0) it looks pretty slick, esp. since I don't know anything about making websites. You should check it out and tell me your thoughts, especially if they're of the uplifting sort. ALSO. How amazing is the name? SO AMAZING: Hey, Don't Judge Me. (Broken Inside was taken, boo.)

I finally watched the season premiere of Big Love last night, two more to catch up on, and can I say that I'm glad this is the last season? And that every single damn season opener is too forced? Like, they have to get all of their lameness/stiff writing/forced remindings out of the way?

Lastly, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Satan went to JULLIARD. He got that damn golden fiddle as a graduation present from his grandfather. And Johnny rigged that gee dee contest and won it with a bunch of Hatfield/McCoy sawing on his vit-fiddle and maybe even drugged Satan, I don't know. Also, who needs to be told to run, boy, run when there's fire on the mountain? HELLO OBVIOUS. And chickens in the bread pan picking out dough is exactly the recipe for Salmonella. EXACTLY THE RECIPE.

Speaking of, screw that lastly up there, I made a riff on Smitten Kitchen's baked potato soup and it was DELICIOUS. I also baked an Italian Cream Cake this weekend for my son's 15th birthday and it was so redonkulous that God Itself showed up and said, "No, I'm sorry, but I am the source of Good. And evil, people seem to forget that one, but I've gotten off track, where was I? Oh, right. YOINK!" and they took my cake to the heavens and that's what made you smile this weekend - all the angels were eating my cake. Did I mention it was delicious? Because it was.

omg loling forever i am going crazy and need spring to come ASAP
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