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Ready for Monday. For MONDAY, that's crazy talk.

Dammit, I missed three birthdays yesterday. I had no idea what the date was until I looked at my calendar this morning. OH. it's the SIXTH. Whoops. Happy belated birthday to my SISTER (durr) Annajoy, to Kassie and Kita. I'm sorry, ladies, I have just been on hibernation mode for a week, now.

The whole metroplex has been shut down for days. Yesterday came a thaw, which meant that everyone (and I mean everyone) scrambled out of their houses to bask in the weird, eerie light from a glowing ball in the sky. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO THE GODS? Why are they burning me?! Oh, I did something good? Thanks, Gods.

We were like everyone else and headed out to the mall to see if we could get some things done that had been put off for the week. And it's packed. Hey, maybe you knew there was this big sporting even happening in town, the Super... something. So the whole area has been flooded with people going to the game, people coming here to sit in the parking lot and hear the game, people that have come here to be with their friends and families so they can say they were in Dallas during the game. Green and yellow (green and yellow green and yellow DAMN YOU LIL WAYNE) and the hated black with diamonds are everywhere.

I'll just say this: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. GO PACKERS.

We are staying in, I'm not even interested in going to any of the parties we've been invited to, I don't want all of the noise noise noise during the game, because I actually like football and all of the wives I run with here don't. So.

More rain/snow is in the forecast, and if these kids don't go back to school, I'm going to have to start schoolmarm-ing it up here at the house. Their brains are gonna get soft!

ENJOY YOUR DAY TODAY. OH! One last thing, my former "movie husband" in a little film I did called St. Nick, Andrew Sensenig - some of you that watch Friday Night Lights will remember him from a short story arc as a sleazy salesman, Flaherty - is the star of Budweiser's new commercial, where he plays an old time barkeep. I couldn't be happier for him to have gotten a national ad, that's the big leagues, kids. He's also an absolutely delightful human being, too. Keep an eye out for him!
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