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Links and wine rec

Hey-o, got last night's Jersey Shore recap up already, and I swear to Martha, MTV, if you don't bring back the funtime shenanigans and drunken orgies, Imma get medieval on your ass.

I've got a good friend that's posting about Being Human - the BBC version, not the crappy US version (or so I'm told.)

ION, I had a bottle of wine the other day that was super delicious (so I went out and bought several) Tangley Oaks, Napa Valley, Cabernet 2006, Lot #9. They have a few varieties, so I wanted to be specific. Another bottle that was also so delicious I went out and bought several more was Charles Krug, 2008 Cabernet from Napa as well.

Muy delicioso, very berry-forward, slight oak, not overly earthy (which I'm finding that I do not like. When it starts to taste like there's dirt in it, DNW.)

OK, Pho tonight and filming tomorrow, YAY. Have a good weekend, errbody.
Tags: hey don't judge me, recap: jersey shore, trw:oompah loompahland, wine list
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