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Big love - back on track, finally! Also, I got a mini sunburn yesterday.

Jellis? Oh my goodness, I sat out on my lounger yesterday, aside my glistening, glittering pool, and read a trashy book as the sun baked my legs. I am so ready for the cold weather to be gone for several months. Today it's getting up to 70, so I'll be trimming the rose bushes and doing some general tidying. I like how I sound like an old lady when I describe my plans. Ha. (Trashy novel: Blameless, the third in the series by Gail Carriger, super fun Victorian/Steampunk/Supernatural romance series. I read it in a day, if that tells you anything. Nothing heady, just fun.)

NOW. *hand clap* I had my lovely sister and my lovely buddy Deva (he played Bone in Blood on the Highway, the hot guy?) design a new banner for Hey, Don't Judge Me and I think it looks great. How about you? [/shameless]

Also: Big Love review is up (it's finally getting good, imo.) I'd love to discuss it over there, come talk to me! And in addition to Jersey Shore, Big Love, SouthLAnd, and Being Human getting reviewed, we have the new incarnation of Spartacus up, and Misfits to come soon, too. YAY, BUILDING MOMENTUM with new writers! (I am not writing those, btw.) If you like the website, maybe you add it to your reader? Maybe you tell others? Maybe you continue being awesome, is what I'm saying.

It's a fine day, today. It's also Valentine's Day, and I'm not a big celebrator of that day, but for those who do, I hope you have a lovely one filled with whatever it is means love to you, be that chocolates, cards, what have you.

Speaking of, I think today calls for brownies. Oooh, or carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese and coconut frosting. OM NOM.

[ETA] one day I will have rotating pics in the TV screen on the banner, but I don't know how to do that. So you know. If you do, feel free to drop some knowledge on me. :)
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