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Help be my decor-ah-TOR: lighting troubles

Who doesn't love decorating someone else's things, huh? So here's the situation: I have an entry light that I do not like at all. It came with the house, it's not my style, and I am going to be all up with the scaffolding this weekend to hang my dining room chandelier, and thought I'd knock that one out, too. BUT I CANNOT CHOOSE.

My house is a traditional home architecturally, but I lean towards mid-century design, because I like clean lines and random organic shapes. Under the cut is the poll with choices.

Here is the dining room chandelier, it looks WONDERFUL lit and hung. I suspect. (This is the one the husband tried to hang with fishing line, btw. Ahem.) It was eye-catching in the store where I bought it, which is why I bought it. :)

And the underside, so you see how the light gets out:

(The orange fabric is for pillows in another room, that isn't staying in the dining.)

Things to know: to the right of the entry is the dining room where the rattan chandelier is - the room has loads of natural elements, but in crisp clean lines (minus the light fixture.) You aren't seeing all of the neat art work on the walls, or my fabulous curtains or my happy-making trees in the corners.

Beyond the entry is my living room where I have gold curtains. While I love silver and chrome and nickel, it won't work in the entry because of the 23 foot (no, really) gold curtains in the other room. My walls are greige, because I love true neutrals. /random

Poll #1705672 There can only be one!

Make my house pretty: lighting-wise

Exhibit APro: made by the guy who made the other light. Con: has to be ordered, won't be here by Fri.
Exhibit B Pro: I think this one is so kewl! Con: the most expensive one,
Exhibit C Pro: least $, still has a cool organic nature Con: lacks WOW factor, I think
I like Manet.

Make my house pretty: dining chair edition! (pics to follow poll)

I like tailored chair covers - crisp, no frou frou
I'm so so on tailored chair covers - I'll say why in comments
I hate tailored chair covers - they look [explain in comments] no matter what
I like chair covers with blows and trims and spangles!
What the hell is a tailored chair cover?
As long as it doesn't brush the floor and you can see the legs of the chair, I think they're swell
As long as the material is high tone, I think they're fine
I like Monet.

Help me make my house pretty: dining chair edition pt. 2!

lose the chairs, buy padded arm chairs
what are you, made of money? Dress up the chairs you have.
I like mayonnaise. And people who get Jack Handy quotes.

Note: I hate my dining room set. It's old, it was available when we needed it, but it's served its purpose, and I'm ready for it to go. My husband points at the pool and tells me to chill. FINE, WHATEVER, BE THAT WAY. Ze Chairs:

And here is the fabric I bought to make chair covers to jazz them up: Nope, ti's decided. It's going back. The pattern needs to be, like, 33% smaller and it's too expensive to cut and regret. BOO TO ME. BOO.

Crisp, straight lines, no ruffles or bows, and possibly only have a short "Centurion" skirt. Lol. (Meaning: a few inches so you can see the legs, not a floor duster.) Scale too large? Now that I'm not in the fabric shop, I think it might be too large a scale, now. Should I just make a kick ass duvet with that material instead? I am filled with doubts. Also Cheerios, but that's neither here nor there. *burp*

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