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Big Love - oy vey.

Guys, it is just getting all shades of dreary and drab in this show, am I right? I've said it before and I'll say it again: Grace Zabriskie deserves a flippin' award for her work on this show. She's an outstanding actress.

Here's my review up at Hey, Don't Judge Me with some of the religious stuff explained and a whole lot of "OH MY GOD NO ONE IS HAPPY, AUGH." Because there's a whole lot of that on that show. I'm not going to lie, I'll heave a sigh of relief when it ends. It's too real in places (and too over the top in others.)

I love comments and discussion over there, so have at it! (And feel free to link/trackback, etc. I don't give a shit. [/shameless plug] Or as Kassie said a few minutes ago, [/honey badger] Lol.)

I put in a stone barrier this weekend and it was sunny and warm and lovely and my back is killing me because who do I think I am, some 20 year old? I have little plant babies starting to sprout and I want to garden so badly but we've got 2 more weeks of potential freezes. Oh, Spring, come to mama.

Speaking of things coming to me, I have some roast beef sammich I need to be eating on, I'm starving.

(OH! And there are more Spartacus reviews and Southland up at HDJM, let those writers know what you think. And don't be afraid to send links to people, we want traffic. *G*)
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