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I wish I had someone that would garden with me. :(

A neighbor, a child, a spouse, anyone. I'm quite the Henny Penny around here. I do have bluebonnets, however! Well, no flowers yet, but the plants are green and getting large, so I should have blooms in a few weeks. YAY SPRING, KEEP IT COMING. A few of the creeping phlox are starting to put out flowers, soon I will have my yearly swath of vivid blue and pink to chase the grey days of winter away.

Two of the cypress trees we planted outside the pool area died this winter. BOO. The nursery is going to give us two more, though, because the owner knows I know what I'm doing - there was clearly something wrong with the trees for them to die so rapidly. That means I get to rip out two 15 foot trees this weekend and put two new ones in. Yay? I need to finish spreading compost and mulch today. I'm earning my wine, is what I'm saying.

Speaking of booze, my recap of last Jersday's Shore is up at Hey, Don't Judge Me. I have never seen so much crying in a man as I have with this frickin' guy, Ron. I didn't think steroids increased lady feelings, huh. Also, what's the adult version of a Pedo-Bear? As in, not after kids, but young women and al creepy about it? Because that is The Situation. He is CREEPY, YOU GUYS.

There should be a bunch more recaps from everyone popping up over the next two days, so keep your eyes peeled (or add it to your reader.)

The Mr. is coming home tonight for a change (he's usually home on Friday) so I'm excited to act like a normal couple with a husband home during the week. OH WHAT SHALL WE GET UP TO? Probably laundry and exhausted sleeping, because we know how to party. Ooh, and finish hanging chandeliers, because we were losers that didn't do that last weekend! YAY SOMETHING EXCITING.

Lastly, if any of you fashionistas/decora-TORs out there know who manufactures , help a girl out. WANT. X a million. (Watch it be Etra or Skagerak, aka completely out of my budget by about 8 grand. Featured in this gorgeous house)
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