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My Monday so far

1. Got everyone off to school/airport
2. Checked emails, etc.
3. Watched a scene on a telenovela TEN TIMES in which the Villain knocks out her step daughter (who is in a wheelchair) and tells her that she hates the girl's stupid braces (the ones on her teeth, we don't want a There's Something About Mary mistake here), and then locks her in a room with TARANTULAS
4. Accidentally on purpose read Gelfling porn (it's really romantic: they use the word "schlong")
5. Found accidental DUNE porn (safe for work, I'm just being silly)
"Hi, I'm Paul Atreidis. I like long walks on sandy dunes of Shai-Hulud, taking off my stillsuit and unwinding in Sietch Tabr while drinking the Waters of Life (but the spice agony I can do without, lol!)"

and HAHAHAHAHAH, did they realize when they made this CHILD'S COLORING PAGE that it is a man jamming his hand in a lady's box?

6. worked out
7. opened fifteen drafts to get some things written up.

Just thought I'd share. :) Back to the grindstone for me!
Tags: awwwwwspam!, nerd alert!, random statements
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