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I battled my kitchen plumbing today. I had yet another sitcom-come-to-life situation where everything in the sink/dishwasher exploded out. I might have to replace carpeting, it was so bad. BUT! I worked a monkey wrench like a mother trucker, took everything apart from the disposal to the gas vent, cleaned out the clog, didn't kill my son, and got everything put back together. It just took, oh, three hours. And used every single towel in the house. (The boy mopped the floors, sterilized the cabinetry, and is doing the laundry. As it should be.)

Meanwhile, I was trying to get posts up at Hey, Don't Judge Me, so Jersey Shore was seriously late (last weeks was, too, and it was HILARIOUS with an awesome South Park reference that no one has gotten, and I'm sad.) but Last Jersday's is up now! And there are Moby Dick jokes! And Harry Potter references! And STD PSAs! What's not to love?

Comment, discuss, link away - Imma get me something to eat, I'm finally not grossed out anymore about dirty water everywhere. ...soup is probably not a good idea, huh? *hoark*
Tags: hey don't judge me, recap: jersey shore, trw:oompah loompahland

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