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Outdoor Design Poll!

I keep going back and forth on what kind of furniture I want out by the pool. I have loungers already (they're these all-weather wicker beauties) and can't decide if I want an actual dining set or sofa/sectional/deep seating. The plans are to build an outdoor kitchen, which will have a bar area with stools. Now, things to consider: wet butts, older parents visiting, parties where we stay out late in the night gabbing.

I prefer:

dining tables - you can lean forward, set stuff on it, have centerpieces
sectionals - they're sleek, modern, and you can get a lot of butts on them
chair/sofa sets - you can move things around to suit your needs, people can have their space
bean bags! BEAN BAGS FOR EVERYONE. It traps the elderly and amuses the young.


No cushions at poolside, gross! Sling all the way, baby.
Cushions are fine, they're Sunbrella. Plus, tush cush!
METAL SPIKES. Remember how you like to be alone? Think of it as insurance.

Where was teak? Or metal that is not a spike?

Ah, did you forget I live in Texas?
And did you not realize that wood needs constant care in those temps?
And metal will sear the flesh off your body?
Have you hung your head in shame yet?

The thing is, I need seating for at least 7 (my family + in laws, who visit a lot.) It will be under a large shade structure as well. My only concern with a sectional is that it would block off flow from the back door out to the rest of the area, because of where the space is.

Measurements I failed to add: 16 feet across, 14 feet deep will be the "under shade structure" space.

Things to note: the shade structure is a pergola, but the wooden slats will be very close together with a narrow gap in between each piece (will run left to right, and be very similar to THIS) and the placement of the sectional - if that's what we go with - would make an L on the right side of the posts. Up and down, and then along the house at the bottom, just like the letter L.

Thoughts? *chinfists*
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