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I missed updating the last two episodes because of my vacation and then the flu, so they are now up, and I'll have tonight's episode up fairly quickly as well. I AM ON A ROLL, YO. Oh, how I love mocking the crazy. Also, the romance between Pauly and Vinny is really the sweetest thing ever. Why are you not watching for that, my slashers? They are so gay for each other it's not even funny. LOL.

Last last week's
Last week's

ALso, Liz (who recaps Spartacus so hilariously, this part is true even though it is stricken) KASSIE is going to start recapping the new show The Borgias. And we're going to add comics and then comes TRUE BLOOD, GUYS. WE ARE ON A ROLL, SO YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING US. I'm just saying. *cough* :)
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