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Are you bored? Me, too.

No one is posting!! Well, posting things for me sink my teeth in. Since I don't want to lose my happy that I have finally gotten this holiday season, I thought I'd do the dovil meme where you post a few links to your favorite personal posts. I'll try to not break my arm patting myself on the back...

1. Stupid people rant. Also known as the "Miss Crumpet" story. This was my favorite and most popular post on the topic. Warning! Pet Trauma.
2. marlo and I had a laugh fest of Simpson's Quotes, and we did most of them by memory, which is either frightening or cool. I'm leaning towards cool so I don't cry at night. Not my journal, so don't spam her.
3. This is my favorite thing I've written. Wes/Fred, short and sweet and heartbreaking.
4. Okay, THIS is my most favorite thing I've written, but taking the subject matter into mind, it may offend some people. In other words, Lubed! The Musical!
5. And last but not least, the post that started it all, the crazydiamondsue and Stoney tag team of Bad(GREAT!)Fic: Swampy Cum Egressing Like A Snapping Alligator With Turgid, Beautiful Cocks Sitting in and Audience*
*every word here was used in that fic. WOW.
Cecily's Fic in one hour - will be complete!
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