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I spent almost an entire hour this morning looking up play horse barns and doll houses. Why? Because this weekend my buddy Johnny and I talked about filming Stallioncrest in his studio. YOU KNOW, THE HORSE SOAP OPERA I WROTE? Lol. I've re-written it in screenplay format with camera angles and everything, but it's just languished on my hard drive. LANGUISHED.

The world needs this, is what I'm saying. Anyone watch "Brick Novax's Diary?" 1) it was a short that won at Sundance this year, and 2) it's been featured on "Funny or Die" on HBO, 3) it is utterly amazing and hilarious and awesome and I saw it and realized that's EXACTLY how I wanted Stallioncrest to look. So. It's happening. Eventually. I need to find a barn and make clothes for the horses (omg, lol) like a bejewelled turban and a smoking jacket, etc. etc. Also, I need a jointed black Frisian for the EXOTIC DANCE/SEDUCTION SCENES.

...I mentioned they're horses, right? I am laughing so hard, you guys, you don't even know.

ION, it is cold and wet here. This is good because now I won't waste time puttering outside, and can possibly get some things accomplished inside the house, like mopping or playing lots and lots of solitaire.

IOON, someone on Snooki's PR team left me a comment on my Jersey Shore recaps. SO I HAVE THAT GOING FOR ME. Which is nice! Oh, did you see the finale?? Here's the recap on Hey, Don't Judge Me.

Also! We have a new feature: COMICS! ethrosdemon is posting DC recaps, starting with Batman: Year 1. elizardbits wrapped up Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, handsomespeck put up some more Misfits awesomeness, and you really should leave comments and spark discussion and make us feel good about ourselves. Unless you're a hater. Are you a hater, then? Are you ok with that? Hmm. ;)

What's up, peeps? Who's still watching Sister Wives? Because I would like to talk about that, omg.
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