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I agree that it's not normal

But I still think today has been a great day. What I've done so far:

  • gone to all the thrift stores I could, looking for model horses/play sets
  • ate three chocolate chip cookies (I found the last 3 frozen ones, yay!)
  • rocked out to The Chronic whilst cleaning my bathroom
  • got inspired for a music video I want to make with my sister dampersnspoons
  • starting writing out a female Mormon missionary rap set to "Nothing But A G'Thang" (see: above line)
  • Asked my neighbor if - when I ever do make this, because I will. I will! - I could borrow their huge-ass van (so we can be rollin')
  • looked up shin-length denim skirts for costumes
  • emailed back and forth with my friend who wants to film Stallioncrest
  • tightened up a birth scene
  • laughed at writing a birth scene for horses
  • laughed even more at all the implied sex (and how we're going to film it so you can see my littlest daughter's hand bonkbonkbonk walking the model horses around as the "action")
  • asked around for table-sized piñatas in the color of the Mexican flag
  • had my kids walk in from school asking me why I'm crying, and I had to explain that Mommy was just laughing too hard to be normal.

It's a good day. Also, one of my long-time LJ friends crevette is in a very important (and potentially life-changing) contest where she wins free lap-band surgery. She asked if I'd pass the word along, hoping she could garner as many votes as possible, and I'm happy to do so. CLICK HERE and vote for IRENE, help change a mom's life!

Liz, this is for you. ALL DAY I'VE BEEN SINGING IT. (I'm not complaining, just explaining) "I'm pushing that lady where you came out as a baby, ain't no doubt this shit is crazy, f*cking each other's moms!" I LOVE THEM.
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