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Comics, comical, and comingle

Comics! Who here reads DC comics? Kassie is discussing Batman: Year 1 and Robin: Year 1 at Hey, Don't Judge Me and we're hoping to make it like a read-along feature. Nothing public, but if you need help finding those particular tomes, PM me and we'll get you going. Girls who know their stuff talking comics = awesome.

Comical! I posted my review of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's Mary Sue YA novel, "A Shore Thing" last night, and also won't say anything public but I would love to help you get a copy of that, as well. PM me for more information on where to find it.

Comingle! Those of you in the DFW area, the Dallas International Film Festival (formally an AFI festival, but they're branching out to reach more indie fish) starts tonight! Why should you care? Because two films I'm in are showing there, one of them is a world premiere! It's very exciting. WUSS got loads of acclaim at SXSW where it debuted a few weeks ago, and is already sold out online and has rush seats available for both, so get there early and get tickets. It's dark and funny and I'm in it for a few scenes! Narcissism & Me is a short that is also dark and hilarious and my brother in law wrote it and stars in it (and I play his Dream Girl, lol.) That's on Wednesday, and I'm super excited to finally see it on the big screen. You can still get tickets for both showings, and the shorts are promising to be fabulous.

And tonight is the Jersey Shore reunion, so tune in (I'm not kidding when I tell y'all I love this show. It's inexplicable. But there it is. Also, the reviews I've been posting all season long are meant for people who are disdainful, in case you didn't know.) What am I going to do until they hit Italy? OH RIGHT, REAL HOUSEWIVES. Lol. I'm actually a smart, educated person. I just love trashy tv.
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