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It's gonna be a fiiiine day today, la la da da da deeee da dee da!

Last night was Narcissism & Me's big premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival, and it got loads of laughs, which is FANTASTIC. My brother in law, husband to dampersnspoons was on in interviews, the Q&A, and it looked fantastic and I couldn't be more pleased. I finally got to do a red carpet for one of these things, which was fun. I got to wear a pretty dress and stand between two funny guys, what's not to love? I have to say that's it's hilarious how everyone asks the same questions:

"How did you come up with the idea for this film?"
"How did you start collaborating?"
"How was it working with each other?"
"What do you want people to take away from this movie?"

I mean, there were NO deviations from this. Well, with one exception, a kid interviewed us for his in school TV show, and he had some fun things. "What was more important, editing or writing?" Stuff like that. After four rote replies from other interviews, that was a nice change up.

I was smart and learned from years past to bring a pair of flip flops in my purse. I had some FABULOUS heels on for pictures/red carpet stuff, and then slipped my flip flops on to navigate stairs, take the train, etc. One man saw me and nodded his head and mouthed, "Smart!" I told him this was not my first time at the rodeo, and he laughed. :)

We got in to the theater, and the first of the shorts played. Guys, I don't know what's in the water in Australia, but they turn out some DAAAAAAARK shorts. Every single time, man, it's just.... wow. Don't get me wrong, they're always quality films, well acted, beautifully shot, but holy sheep shung. This was "Deeper Than Yesterday," and without giving too much away, let me just tell you that the last place any woman wants to be is on a submarine with distressed Russian soldiers. I kept steeling glances at my sister, trying to figure out how I was going to bolt out of the theater gracefully if it went the way the movie led you to believe it would. Fortunately I didn't have to go.

It's... intense. Very well made, very well acted. But do not go to see this if you can't handle dark sexual themes, ok? Ok.

The next short was "Protect The Nation" and this was the (female) directors VERY FIRST FILM. Blown away by that. It's unbelievably gorgeous and rich looking, it's very frightening in places, stars a CHILD and was filmed IN JOHANNESBURG. Her first film. Ever. Damn, girl.

"Worst Enemy" stars the girl from SNL that plays Hoda from the Today Show. She's HILARIOUS. This whole thing was hilarious. Hopefully when it's finished being on the festival circuit, it'll be made available on YouTube or something of the kind. Funny, neurotic women are always a win for me.

"A Seizure" was astounding, visually, esp. when you learn that the actor has epilepsy and directed the shots. Damn. Yes, it was a PSA, but a pretty good one.

"Narcissism & Me" is filled with people that are totally full of themselves. Like this chick.

Who does she think she is? Hurr.

"Ex-Sex" - hmm. Part of me enjoyed this and found it incredibly brave for the actress that starred in it to be naked, having sex, for an indie film (where she probably didn't even get paid. Or got paid peanuts. That's just how it is.) The other part of me wished they hadn't tried like hell to make a hipster film. It looked like it was processed using Hipstamatic (no, really) and the guy lives on a boat, rides a fixie, she has an amazing architectural house filled with actual Eames chairs, etc., and I found all of that to be distracting. The story itself = great.

Then we have the last film, a total surprise. Dude. We go back out of the cut, as:

I posted an official review of the (second) funniest short of the night, Bad Dads over at Hey, Don't Judge Me. OMG, you have to see that. It's not completed online, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for local festivals in your area. Not to mention that shorts festivals are a great way to see diverse films from all over the world. Big fan, me.

ION, today is my day to finish up all the deep cleaning for my guest, dovil and make sure that we have smooth sailing from here on out. A big hitch in the plans: the potential government shut down. Wanna know why that affects us? BECAUSE THE GRAND CANYON WILL BE CLOSED, DITTO ZION NATIONAL PARK. Oh my laws, if that happens... We're staying IN the parks! I've paid for the hotels already! Hopefully I'll get a refund, but you know that we'd be screwed. Eff it, we'll veer north to St. George and stay with family and hike around the local plateaus and go to the polygamous communes and gawp. FUN? Waaah, please, US Gov't, stop being a bunch of tools and quit letting the Tea Party scream you down into pussydom.

IOON, I'm going to start rewatching the old He-Man cartoons from the 80s and recap them for Hey, Don't Judge Me. EXPECT HILARITY. I'm not saying I'll deliver, I'm just saying to expect it. Also, we've got some new writers coming on board, we're adding The Borgias and Game of Thrones to the mix, so if you haven't added it to your reader, why on earth not? Do you hate joy, kittens, sunshine and happiness? Guess so. :)
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