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The Adventures of Dovil and Stoney, coming to

a twitter near you! (As long as you add us, Stoney and Dovil's twitter feeds)

I'm heading out in a bit to pick dovil from the airport, then it's margarita/patio time! We're leaving early in the morning on Mon. to head out West, and will be tweeting our adventure AS. IT. HAPPENS.

WILL They kill each other [or drifters] before they hit Amarillo?

WILL They be able to gain legal access to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks?

WILL They resort to jumping fences and riding burros off the cliff edge into The Great Beyond?

and most importantly, WILL they get arrested for prostitution of clown dogs in Las Vegas? (And does what happen in Vegas truly stay in Vegas? Barring herpes?)

Stay tuned to find out!
Tags: friends, intarwebnets, road trip!, stoney doesn't suck

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