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Birthdays! Fantasy shows! Direwolf sorrows!

First and foremost, it is one of my oldest LJ friends and RL friend to boot, crazydiamondsue. I know you're buried to your neck in babies and toddlers and good mommy behavior, but I love you, and hope you're having a wonderful day.

Second, we have a new reviewer at Hey, Don't Judge Me and she wrote up a Scream 4 review that is hilarious and fangirly, what's not to love? Support your local fangirls trying to cast a wider net. :)

Third, I continue my love affair with Game of Thrones (yes it has some race fail, etc., but if I wait to watch shows without problems I'd never watch tv, and then what do I do? Interact with other humans? PSHHT.) and have my newest recap up at Hey Don't Judge Me as well.

REMINDER: no spoilers for future eps either here nor there, pls. We're going ep by ep as it happens, so don't leak intel, mm'kay?

It is raining for the fortieth day and I am waiting for my hot, dry weather, please. Mama needs a tan.
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