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And now for something completely different. High Fantasy!

I seriously need a Game of Thrones icon. My recap for last night's episode is up, complete with more DnD references, some Dark Crystal shoutouts and of course, some Princess Bride references. Hopefully I'll get to work in some Labyrinth quotes at one point. Nerd alert! :D

Also, if you happened to miss it, I've reviewed Tina Fey's book Bossypants and I think it's required reading (both my review and her book, hurr) for any female writers/funny ladies out there. <3 her.

Next up this week is a review of Rob Lowe's memoir, and guys, it's uh-may-zing. He grew up in a real life Bret Easton Ellis neighborhood. (Minus some of the most unsavory parts of that book, thankfully.) He's a shockingly solid writer - formal, but it's generational (his mother studied under Faulkner and passed her style on to Rob.) Also, Rob Lowe is still handsome and dreamy.

I AM ALSO FINALLY READING THE NEW SWEET VALLEY BOOK. Jealous? Pfft, yeah you are. Ha. I kinda like this new job I've created for myself, not gonna lie. It is COLD again (47!!) and I am sipping hot cocoa with a sweater and wool socks on - IT IS MAY 2, I WANT MY SUNSHINE!
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