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Oh golden orb of the sky, never leave me again

Sunshine! Nothing but for days and days, and it's going to be near 90 soon, YAY. (Hint: I like warm weather.)

Who's watching Happy Endings? It's pretty funny. It's getting started, but already the cast has an easy rapport with each other, and I like the characters and they're funny. Who's watching Workaholics? It's pretty funny. (lol) It's also totally juvenile and full of pot/frat-boy humor, but you get to laugh AT them, and I always like that. Who saw the season opener for South Park? Oh my god, there was a Human Centipede storyline, and it almost was too much for me. FOR ME! But it was still hilarious.

This is redonk. I may have made incomprehensible noises. Also, there is a mama dove sitting on her egg(s?) in a wee nest in the climbing rose, right over the office window. It's apparently the greatest thing ever to watch, according to Smidgen and Smudge. All day they sit under the window, craning their necks to spy on the bird. I don't think she can see them, so I doubt she's stressed. Hope Cat is trying to teach them how to "kk-kk-kk-kk!" at birds like a proper kitty, but they are both silent as the grave.

Example: this weekend I couldn't find Smudge and after a half hour, saw a wee black paw curling up at the pantry door. I opened it, he blinked and walked out. Why on earth wouldn't you meow, silly cat? But he never does. Quietest cat there is. Know what isn't quiet? A stupid baby mockingbird outside my house. Aww, Stoney, it's a weetiny bird! Remember in Finding Nemo when the seagulls said, "Mine? MINE! MINE! MINE!" over and over? Imagine that, but fourteen octaves higher. And its mama mimics a car alarm. HOW ADORABLE.

Imma make some brioche today. I made strawberry preserves on Sunday, and that's the perfect topping to a warm slice of brioche. NOM.

obligatory site link here I NEVER SAID I WASN'T AN ATTENTION-SEEKING PERSON. Never.
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