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Flurgh, Pt. 2 - the coughening

Still feel like crap, called the dr and asked if they would just send in a prescription for me since it's fairly obv. I've picked up what Emily had. That was at 9am. Still waiting for them to call it in. *cry* Eh meh ghed, I have things to do, give me modern healing!

Speaking of, it's Cinco de Mayo (which everyone knows, I'm sure) and I have a pot of black beans soaking, to be turned into this deliciousness later. I'm also going to make chicken flautas (god willing and the creek don't rise, translation: I can find my mojo) and a salad and if I felt up to it, there would be margaritas in my life, but I don't think I can take a margarita until this crud is gone. CAN YOU APPRECIATE THE SORROW?? Ay, yo soy triste.

It is GORGEOUS outside, so I think Imma take a glass of juice and a book and nap on the chaise. Sunshine is good for what ails me, I think.

Side note, because the Kentucky Derby is this weekend (whoo hoo!! Go Nehro! 6-1 odds, on the outside (ish) and loves a bit of open space to run. HORSIES!) I've had Stallioncrest on the brain (the crud has derailed everything) and thinking of more names for characters. Naturally the Derby is a great place to find funny names (even though mine are the best. Come on, Skidoodle and his evil twin Skedaddle? That's funny.) I realized that the GREATEST NAME EVER for a horse isn't something like "Watch Me Go" because you're just begging for a horse that stops mid-track, it's something like "Didn't Make The Cut" or "Put Me Out To Pasture" or "Just Waiting To Stud." True fact: horses can't have anything "obscene" in their names. Farts are obscene, too, but someone skirted it with "Odor in the Court." Hurr.

The horse world is weird. OK, eating soups now.
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