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"I can't believe Jesus called me a dick!"

I'm listening to The Book of Mormon: The Musical soundtrack (and you can, too!) and laughing all over again. There are so many great LDS jokes in this musical, I just can't even. The nerdy dude and the "glorious male" companions, the "I broke rule 72 so I'm way worse than you!" line (after Johnny Cochran sings that he got OJ off.) So damn funny. "Jesus hates you this I know, for Je-sus just told me so!"

I just found the contact for their Press contact, and I'm trying to build up courage to ask for a press pass to try and see it to review. I like how my first attempt at an official press pass is for the biggest musical of the year, lol. DARE TO DREAM, KIDS.

I need to get off my duff and get going on my Game of Thrones recap (damn it, I am LOVING that show) also, I finished reading the new Sookie Stackhouse book while sick this weekend and I have to say that I'm getting tired of her not really resolving problems and dragging things out book to book. Also, I suspect that Charlaine isn't really interested in sex - but she's writing books with sex. Uh, cut that out, lady. Shit or get off the pot. What's this BS with one Eric sex scene? And Sookie acting like an old lady with her lover instead of being all gung-ho into the crazed sex like in the earlier books? She writes Sookie like an old church lady from Louisiana (lol, no, really?) and sometimes that cracks me up, but this book had Sookie ANTIQUING. Throwing a proper BABY SHOWER. With a SIDEBOARD.

Eff you, CH, write the trashy gingham Daisy duke wearing Wal-Marts shopping Sookie that likes getting plowed by the Supernatural. Ha.

And I swear to the God of your choice, if she puts Sookie back with Bill, I'm going to cut a bitch. I almost thought she was going to kill Pam, and I would have been pissed. Pam being all sad in the background was bad enough. (Also, why doesn't she get that she's written FAR MORE INTERESTING CHARACTERS than Sookie?)


It's going to get to 93 today. I wonder if you'll find me on a float in the pool today? (Hint: YES. YES YOU WILL.)
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