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I had a dream about Amy Poehler

And we were awesome friends that were solving problems together. I woke up happy. I think I'm going to sneak out this week to see Bridesmaids (why isn't anyone talking about this show on LJ?) and rejoice in funny women.

Speaking of, where the hell IS everyone on LJ? Have they all abandoned us for Dreamwhatever? Way to suppress free speech, guys. (In case you didn't know, the hackers that brought down LJ were trying to stop the Russian Youth from having access to the internet/free speech.) Whatever, I'm loathe to change, I have a permanent account, and this has become my habit.

There is some good discussion of the show Game of Thrones at Hey, Don't Judge Me - just the show, no book spoilers. Sam is posting a review of Thor later today, so bookmark the site and check back often. I've got a couple of book reviews going up soon, and then, the most exciting thing ever, starting May 24th, the Geordie Shore begins (it's a REAL THING, omg) and natch, I'm all over that like a cheap date on a cheap suit on a cheap pleather chair.

Lemme say it again: GEORDIE SHORE. (For Amerkins, that's like Chav Shore. Kinda. Mostly.)

Side bitch, I would just like to take a minute to complain about the VAST majority of "garden blogs" that are full of interior decorators with shovels? Meaning, they don't know anything about plant material, just color and texture. Which, that's fine, but you can't just stick a plant somewhere because it's pink and pretty and you like that. Will it LIVE? Not to mention when someone says they are a LANDSCAPE DESIGNER and then asks the general public via her blog to tell her what so and so plant is. (And it's not something rare.) This is why people think gardening is hard, because dipwads charge them a fortune to "design a garden" and just paint with plants, not knowing that such and such belongs in shade, or their soil is compatible, or blah blah blah. There REALLY aren't enough people who know what they're doing in the landscape business. It's really irritating to someone like me that went to school to understand SOIL and BIO-CHEMISTRY.

In other news, my tiger lilies are about spent, and the other lilies are just starting to open and my shallots and garlic are almost ready to harvest and the Mama Dove keeps her vigil. do the kitties on the other side of the window. (I'm just glad they haven't realized that they can go into #2's room and look right down at her.)
Tags: gardening, hey don't judge me, rant
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