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Massive picspam!

Yesterday I went to this great consignment shop with my sister and they had some amazing things like medical anomaly pictures and models of eyeballs and things like that. I took a picture of one that was amazing (it was behind glass, so I couldn't see the other pictures behind it, my hands were full with other things.) I've got that behind a cut by itself because it might be disturbing to someone else, but I'm fascinated with it. (Malformed unborn, for those who need to be warned.)


I also found a cool trilobite plaster that looked like it was from a classroom and loads of gorgeous barnacles. Check it - and after that are a bunch of pics from my garden.

For scale, here's a nice juice Pink Lady apple.

Barnacle cluster!

Close up!

The view from my porch, looking left:

From the right:

(I can't remember if I posted these already, sorry, if so)

Mama and baby bird!

The first peony (taken a few weeks ago)

Some of my lily stands:

I love these yellow ones. I have about 40 more that are just opening of this color alone.

My driveway veggie/flower bed:

1. Tiger lilies
2. striped Crinums, recently transplanted - these will get about 5 feet across
3. shallots & garlic, almost ready to have the leaves broken so they'll bulb up
4. blue agave - this should get massive. You can't tell but this bed is 6 feet across
5. onions, almost ready for their leaves to be broken so they'll bulb up, too

There are strawberries starting to spread every where as ground cover.

I am very ready for the weekend to be here.
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