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So much work, ahhhh!

1. I was the guest blogger at The Fictionistas today, come talk with us about how parents should let their kids lick dirt!
2. Holy crow with the Game of Thrones episode last night! Recap here, come over and talk about creepy boob!
3. Sam's Thor recap is getting loads of attention, and it's because she's hilarious. You should read and comment and let her feel the love!
4. I did so much gardening yesterday of the digging up and dividing kind and the adding more stone border variety that I'm practically crippled over today. But I have so much to finish, augh! Mostly just spreading more mulch and putting in the very last stone (oh my god, there is so much stone at my house. My nickname is apt, I'll just say that much) and putting in some filler and it looks so lovely outside that I might just make a strawberry mojito and sit outside with a book. Which means I won't get work done. But man, I'm tie-red.

How is everyone else? The weather here is GORGEOUS. Cool, which is weird, but gorgeous.
Tags: hey don't judge me, recap: game of thrones, tv, writing
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