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Real Housewives of New Jersey started back up this week!! We got a new cable system, so I haven't plugged back in all of my "to be DVRd" shows. Caught it last night, HOLY CRAP. There is some seriously awesome crazy, not the icky crazy of the Danielle days.

Teresa's sister in law is a slutty pro-God mommy, and it's fantastic. I'm calling her Jesus Spice because she apparently moonlights in a GIRL BAND. It's like the universe knew I needed this. Thank you, universe.

Obv. I'm recapping it. :D

So much good TV on tonight, and Happy Endings cracked me up last night. "Let's down these M. Light Shamalans and get going!" (Michelob Light. ahahaha.) I love that they all talk like they're funny people, not people just saying one-liners. I'm digging it.
Tags: hey don't judge me, recap: real housewives of new jersey, tv

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