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For a non-christian, I sure have fun at this time of year...

Emily (who is three) is singing "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" and repeating over and over (and over and OVER) in a monotone voice:
"You better not shout, you better not cry, you don't wanna shout, just don't wanna cry..." It's like the nurse at the asylum passing out meds at 5 to rocking and drooling patients... Merry Christmas!

On a second note, I'm sad in my heart about Lemony Snickett having Jim Carrey in the Count Olaf role. Shoulda been Jeremy Irons with really bad and obvious disguises. It would have been more true to the books and funnier in a less obvious way.

This is what my neighbors and in-laws are getting: terrariums!
To buy:
Glass cookie jar with lid (Target has glass cookie jars SOOPER cheap right now, or you could try any large glass container with a lid.)
pea gravel - colorful
potting mix
2 to 3 terrarium plants, or any tropical (and small!! = cheap) house plant. Pothos ivy is too big. Try small maiden hair ferns, bonsai plants, miniature dracena and mix up textures like an upright, a cascading, a bushy...

To make:
Layer pea gravel on bottom, just enough to cover.
lay down some potting soil, just enough to cover gravel
arrange plants in the container, giving a few fingers' width of space between walls and plants, and plants and each other.
fill in gaps with potting mix
layer the top with pea gravel to make it decorative
slowly water the container until you see the water BEGIN to pool in the lowest layer of gravel - be careful to not over water!
put the cover on and place in sunny spot

Write out a card with the instructions to : "Water plant when the top 2 inches of potting mix is dry, keep in sunny place with lid on" if you feel adventurous, write out the plant names or makes plant labels. They look so clean and bright...

Gotta finish my gingerbread men today and prepare for the kids to come storming home hyped up on sugar. More karruhls later! Cordy and the Cordettes have a song for everyone...
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